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Tank & Vessel Builders, L.P. was started in September 2005 to manufacture ASME pressure vessels and other atmospheric shop and field fabricated tanks. ASME Code stamps were authorized in March 2006. Fabrication commenced in the new T&VB, L.P. shop in Baird, Texas in October 2006. Many code and non-code tanks and vessels have now been fabricated and delivered. The shop facilities located on fifty acres currently have over 30,000 square feet of fabricating space with overhead cranes and plate fabricating equipment operational.

Although Tank and Vessel Builders, L.P. is a new company, the principals bring over seventy-five years of combined tank experience to the operations:

Tank and Vessel Builders, L.P. share common ownership with Tank Builders, Inc. Tank Builders, Inc. has been in continuous operation since 1972 fabricating large field-erected oil and water storage tanks through Texas and surrounding states. T&VB, L.P. share technology and resources as required for efficient completion of work.