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Construction Capabilities

- Potable or industrial water storage tanks built to AWWA D100; 10,000 gallons to 1,000,000 gallons. Single pedestal AWWA elevated tanks are currently available up to 0.15 MG.

- ASME Sec. VIII, Division I Pressure Vessels 1,000 gallons and up.

- T&VB, L.P. currently holds ASME Code Symbol Stamps U, S and R and can register vessels with the National Board.

- Fixed roof flat bottom low pressure tanks built to API-650; 150 BBLS and up. Smaller tanks are available built up to API 12D specification.

- Fire protection water storage tanks, built to NFPA or FM specification; 10,000 gallons and up

- Repair, relocation, or modification of welded steel tanks.

- Shop blasting and painting can be supplied in 2,000 Sq.Ft. of covered buildings with material handling and painting equipment and laydown area to provide shop prime coat and/or finish painting for all projects.

- In-house plate rolling capacity of 2 1/4" by 120" wide plate. Hyspeed HT 2000 CNC Plasma System and Oxyfuel cutting with table dimensions of 12ft. wide by 51ft. 3 in. long. MIG, SMAW and SAW Welding capability is limited only by API, ASME, or AWWA codes. Overhead crane capacity is 60 tons with 40 feet head clearance.

- Our primary interest is in welded steel shop-built and field-erected tanks. However, when work is incidental to tank construction, we can provide by our own employees or by sub contract: